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The Sacred Amazonia Collection

Introducing the Sacred Amazonia Collection, a testament to the designer's captivating journey into the heart of the Putumayo jungle. Every piece in this collection bears the enchanting imprint of this awe-inspiring voyage, brought to life through the intricate artistry of hand block printing.

Transport yourself to the lush depths of the Amazon rainforest as you explore this extraordinary collection. Each garment is a canvas of the designer's personal and spiritual encounters with the vibrant flora and fauna of the region, capturing the essence of its untamed beauty. The Sacred Amazonia Collection is a visual symphony of nature's own palette.

Meticulously carved blocks are pressed onto the fabric, transferring the designer's firsthand experiences into patterns that tell stories. Each stroke of the block echoes the rustling leaves, every curve reflects the meandering river.

Embracing sustainability and artistic heritage, this collection not only celebrates the Amazon's unparalleled beauty but also supports artisans in India who craft these wearable artworks. With every piece, you're not just adorning yourself in fashion; you're donning a piece of the Sacred Amazonia's soul.

The Sacred Amazonia Collection is more than fashion; it's a connection to a world unseen, a tribute to an ecosystem, and a celebration of the profound inspiration found within the heart of the rainforest.